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We believe in Miracles! Do you? 

We hope so! We have met hundreds of little miracles by traveling in the circles of special needs families and if there is one thing each of these miracles have in common-it's that they are capable of amazing and astounding feats! Each child, unique in their own right, has skills, goals, dreams, fears, hopes, and a personality all their own. What we aim to do is help the families of these special children offer them the opportunity to develop into their most capable selves, building confidence and radiating beauty each step of the way. Many of these children are able to meet milestones and goals set forth by their therapeutic teams if only given the chance to participate, to learn, to spontaneously move as they had not been able to before! If you have ever seen this happen (as I have) you too would believe in miracles! 


"So, why aren't all these children getting these opportunities already? "

Well, that's a little complicated. But to make it simple, lets just say that many families are financially unable to afford the out of pocket expenses that come with having a child with special and above average medical needs.  Between assistive devices, medical equipment, therapy costs, medications, and doctors visits-a typical family here in the US can quickly find themselves "in the red" and unable to afford further treatment for their child. When this happens, everyone loses-the family, the community, society, and most devastatingly-the child. 

 "How do we know that?" You may ask.

Well, that's another complicated topic but the short answer is that we were that family! And we have met hundreds more just like us. And everybody suffers- the parents are constantly wondering "What if ?" and  "How can I help my child? Why should they suffer or go without life changing therapies and medical equipment?".  The children are struggling to adapt and progress without proper instruction or tools. Everyone involved feels like they should be doing more but, they are unable to. And when this happens, society's responsibility in the long run increases.  It's heartbreaking.

So, here we are! Attempting to make a difference in the world we live in. We have witnessed first hand the miracle of progress. The miracle of development. The miracle of seeing a child master a skill that was once thought to be completely unattainable. And who wins when this happens? EVERYONE.

For our family, we could never thank the physicians, therapists and orthotics crafters enough. We witnessed our almost 2 year old son learn to walk after being told he might never walk. He is our miracle everyday.

What we want to express though, is each child is capable of miracles both big and small. They only require the opportunity to develop to their own potential. Please help us help these children by making a tax deductible donation in any amount. Please, also share our page with anyone who may be interested in helping these little caterpillars transform into butterflies and to any families in need of assistance.

We are so grateful to be able to do this work. Thank you for taking the time to read our page. We hope that you believe in miracles because we sure do!


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to assist families of children with cerebral palsy (and other brain injury diagnosis) to obtain treatments, therapies, medical devices that are not covered by major medical insurance and not attainable otherwise. 


Help CP. org is a division of Help Troy, Inc. a registered Non- Profit 501 (c) 3 organization.

Please contact Heather@helpcp.org to request copies of our 501(c)3 application and/or approval as well as our yearly filing form 990 return.